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    The House voted to approve the CR tonight and sent it to be approved by the Senate tomorrow to keep the STATE running and fund schools. The House and Senate have agreed to the CR so it should be done early tomorrow and be ready for the Governor to sign. It keeps the State funding going for the next 45 days with some additional resources mentioned below.

    LEAs will receive their allotment of recurring funds from 2014-2015 plus enrollment growth $100 million and Teacher starting salary increase to $35,000.  It protects veteran teachers from lower salaries in July until the House and Senate resolve their budget differences.

    They have a 45-day deadline.

    They are not including $25 million in Non-recurring funds for TAs but the local school systems can use the funds from other allotment categories if they need to fund TA’s or enrollment growth resources until the final budget passes. The signal I am getting from this is the House intends to negotiate for the TAs and not relent to the Senate position.

    The new funds for School Safety are in controversy so they are not released in the CR (Continuing Resolution).,%202015/S534-PCS%20Summary.pdf,%202015/S534-PCS.pdf

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