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NCSCA Bylaws Article VI:  Operational Structure

Article VI, Section 2. Standing Committees

July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020    


The Bylaws Committee reviews the bylaws of the Association annually and makes recommendations concerning revisions to the Board of Directors.

 Committee Committee Chair Committee Chair Email
Bylaws  Cecil 
Sub-Committee  Sub-Committee Chair

Sub-Committee Chair Email

 Strategic Plan Tim K. Hardin   (Past-President)



Nominations and Elections

The Nominations and Elections Committee develops policies for approval by the Board of Directors and conducts elections in accordance with NCSCA Policies.

 Committee Chair  Committee Chair Email

Tim K. Hardin


Finance (Not open for new committee members)

The Finance Committee ensures that the Board of Directors is managing finances and assets in accordance with NCSCA policies related to governance and finance.

 Committee Chair  Committee Chair Email

Government Relations


Government Relations promotes law and policy to support school counseling.


Committee Chair

Committee Chair Email

Government Relations

Beth Atkins


Sub-Committee Chair

Sub-Committee Chair Email


Cynthia Floyd 

Delegate Assembly  

Delegate Assembly conducts the NCSCA Fall Conference Business meeting and issues facing school counselors today. 


Committee Chair

Committee Chair Email

Delegate Assembly/


Vanessa Barnes

Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee coordinates professional development opportunities for members.

 Committee      Committee Chair

 Committee Chair 


 Professional Dev.

 Megan Carey

Kisha Bryant

 Sub-Committees  Sub-Committee Chair


Chair Email


 Dr. Karen Meadows


Natarshia Sharpe


Coletta Edwards


 Professional Dev.

& Mini Grants

 D'Vera Tune 
 Mentoring Program  Angela Totty
 Speakers Bureau  Daya Patton

Regional VP Liaison

Brittany Norman 




Projects Liaison 

Stacey Diaz
Summer Academies 

LaVerta Flowers

Shannon Cox 

Webinars  Patricia Weaver


A liaison may be appointed by the President to act as an ongoing contact with another organization or population. 

 Liaison Contact Contact Email
 Graduate Students  

Member Services

The Member Services Committee coordinates and develops services for members.

 Committee   Committee Chair


Chair Email

Member Services  Connie Thompson 
 Sub-Committees  Sub-Committee  Chair

       Sub-Committee         Chair Email

 Awards  Rebecca Atkins
 Historian (New)  LaVerta Flowers
 Marketing / PR / Newsletter

Ashley Ligon

Dr. Jessica Dreher

Website   Manager  Kristy Curran 

Appointed Positions

Appointed committees may be added to address the goals of the strategic plan, respond to ongoing planning and critical needs of the membership, and to accomplish tasks within a specific timeline

 Committee  Committee Chair  Committee Chair


 Presidential Advisory  Dr. Renee' Evans

NCSCA is a state division of the American School Counselor Association.

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